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Our philosophy and goal at KAB Arms is to provide a working, quality firearm and quality firearm parts on a budget you can afford. We at KAB Arms are shooters and sportsmen, and love the firearms industry with a passion. The name is an acronym for Keep and Bear Arms. We fervently believe in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and the right of all good men to have the means to defend their life, liberty, and home. It is the teeth by which all other rights are kept from tyranny.

KAB Arms is a young company but the owners have many years of experience in the firearms industry. Our business plan is to be dynamic and cutting edge. We want to offer and provide you with firearm products that are new and exciting. We are always searching for useful and innovative improvements to existing technology. We hope that you visit us often as we plan on having new ideas and products in our inventory that you, the customer, want. Thank you for visiting KAB Arms, and we hope that we can earn your business
Our site is always being updated and we are always looking for new ways to make and improve your experience with KAB Arms. To purchase an item, feel free to use the cart features and purchase your items online, or contact us either by email or by phone and we will work out payment arrangements. Thank you for your business and please check back with us soon. - KAB Arms
Here are just a few examples of the end product that we have produced for our customers
Providing excellent firearm products at a value. At KAB Arms, we strive to give you the best we can offer because we are shooters and sportsmen just like you. We appreciate your business and our goal is a long term relationship with our customers.
This is our Premium Rifle in action
Firearms Manufacturing and Developent
Dedicated to preserving our 2nd Amendment Right
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